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Klein, a prefab-housing startup, had on of the world’s leading architectural firms design this tiny house concept. It’s located in Upstate New York and is comprised of 100% recyclable materials. It gets it’s electricity from the sun and heat from a tiny Morsøe wood stove. It was designed by the architects at BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), who recently released these photos.

It’s called the A45 and is inspired by a traditional A-frame cabin, with a modern Scandinavian personality. It’s just 180 square feet inside, but completely customizable. The interior walls show their minimalist framing with a layer of natural cork sheathing for insulation and wall finish.

Klein was founded by designer and interior architect Soren Rose. Klein’s goal is to develop diverse tiny house concepts designed and built by leading architects and manufactures and then delivered anywhere in the world with a 6 months lead time. We’re looking forward to more from this tiny house start-up. Visit the Klein website to sign-up to receive updates.  Photography by Matthew Carbone via BIG.

Spacious Interior is just 180 square feet.

Detail of the micro kitchen.

Detail of cork walls.

Bathroom uses wood extensively.

Another interior view. Notice the Morsøe wood stove under the steeply sloped ceiling.

Beautiful property in Upstate New York.

Perfect prefab tin house for a weekend retreat. Love the modern Scandinavian style. The black exterior should help it disappear in the woods.

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Getting Started with SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free is an online version of the popular 3D drawing software. In the short videos below I show you how to open an existing file and basic navigation.
This free online version works much like the desktop version, with a few minor navigational difference.

The drawings you see are from my most recent book, 101 Tiny House Designs. You can get all 101 drawings for just $79 until May 13, 2018.

You can find SketchUp Free here.

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Have You Built One of My Designs?

Have you built one of my tiny house designs? I’ve offered free and loft cost tiny house plans since 2008, and I’ve seen houses built with my plans in person and in a few photos – but I’d love to see more.

If you’ve built one of my designs, and can send some photos I can share on, I’ll send you a link to download free all the SketchUp drawings I made to create my last book, 101 Tiny House Designs.

There are exactly 101 SketchUp files in this download. They are not framing plans, but easily customized SketchUp drawings that anyone can learn to edit. Also included in the package are all 18 of my framing plans and a copy of the 101 Tiny House Designs eBook.

If you have not built one of my designs, but would like to have this download, it’s just $79 until Mother’s Day – May 13, 2018. Normally all this stuff will sell for $970 – so it’s a good deal.

Learn more about the bundle here >>>

If you’re a little worried about using SketchUp – the 3D drawing software – I posted a simple tutorial that shows how easy it is to edit one of these drawings.

SketchUp can be tough to learn if you start a drawing from scratch. When you start with an existing drawing that was made to be easily edited – it’s a quick study. Take a look at the tutorial and you’ll see what I mean.

See the SKetchUp tutorial here >>>

Anyway… back to tiny house photos… if you’ve built one of my designs, send in the photos to email hidden; JavaScript is required and I’ll reply with the download link. Even if you’ve customized the design a bit – that counts for the free download. I’d love to see what you’ve created. Thanks!

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How to Customize an Existing Tiny House Design in SketchUp

SketchUp is the 3D drawing software I use to draw my tiny house designs. Like any new software, SketchUp can be challenging to learn at first – but I have a better way to start.

The SketchUp drawings I made for the book 101 Tiny House Designs are now available. Starting a SketchUp drawing from scratch when you are new to the software is tough. Starting with an existing drawing like these is much much easier. In the video below I show how to edit one of these drawings.

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Call for Entries – Tiny House of the Year 2018

Tiny Home Owners and Builders are invited to enter their tiny homes in the Tiny House of the Year – a competition designed to select the public’s favorite tiny house. There are five categories you can enter. The winner will be crowned the overall Tiny House of the Year!

Pictured above is the 2016 Best Tiny House Winner, Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House.

Entering is easy!

There are no entry fees. The competition is open to tiny home owners 18 years of age and older. Just select the best photos of your tiny house and write-up a short description. See the rules & tips below for ideas on improving your chances of winning. The entry deadline is October 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.

Entry Form

Public Voting Begins November 1, 2018

The public will select the winners of Tiny House of the Year by voting online. While public voting begins on November 1, 2018, entires will be available for preview as soon as entries are approved. So enter your tiny house right away and begin building a following.


You may enter your tiny house once and it will be considered across five categories AND for the the title of Tiny House of the Year!

  • Best Front Door
  • Best Kitchen
  • Best Bathroom
  • Best Stairs
  • Best Use of Reclaimed Materials

Important Dates

  • Entries Accepted: May 1, 2018
  • Entry Deadline: October 31, 2018
  • Public Voting Begins: November 1, 2018
  • Public Voting Ends: December 17, 2018
  • Winners Announced Between: December 18, 2018 – December 31, 2018

Summary of Official Rules

See the complete Official Rules for more information.

  • Entries are open to anyone over the age of 18 who has a habitable tiny house. Void where prohibited.
  • Entries must be from a tiny house that’s less than 500 square feet.
  • Limit one entry per unique tiny house.
  • No limit on the year the house was built.
  • Previous entries to Tiny House of the Year competitions are welcomed.
  • Post only photos and content that you’ve personally created. You retain the intellectual property rights to your photos, videos, and content, but permit the use of images & content for purposes related to the competition. If you choose, you may subtly watermark your images .

Submission Tips

You’re free to write-up your tiny house entry however you like, but we have a few suggestions:

  1. Post Your Best Photo – Photos are the key to grabbing people’s attention. Be sure to include great interior and exterior shots and detail photos of unique features.
  2. Tell Your Story – Describe your tiny house and tiny house adventure.  Consider including details like why you built it, who helped build it, how you use the home, where it’s located, how long it took to build, who you are, and how downsizing changed your life.
  3. Share via Social Media – After voting begins – November 1, 2018 – be sure to use your own social networks to ask your friends to vote for your entry.


  1. Bragging Rights & The Title of Tiny House of the Year for each of the 5 categories. The grand prize is the title of Tiny House of the Year in the Best Tiny House category.
  2. Winners will also receive a Unique Tiny Trophy designed by tiny house designer, Michael Janzen.

If you have a tiny house, we hope you’ll enter before entries close October 31, 2018.

If you love tiny houses we hope you subscribe for Tiny House of the Year email updates and come back to vote beginning on November 11, 2018. You can unsubscribe from our email list anytime.

If you have any questions email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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What is your biggest struggle with designing your dream tiny house?

Can I pick your brain? You’re here on this website so I assume you have an interest in tiny house design. I’m also guessing you see a tiny house in your future.

I’m such a geek for tiny house design that I started this blog 10 years ago, but for some unknown reason I’ve never thought to ask my readers this question.

What is your biggest struggle with designing your dream tiny house?

I want to design an online course to help folks design their own tiny house. I can think of a hundred ways to do that and about a thousand things to say – but instead I’d like to focus on the stuff you really want to know. So I thought I’d just ask you!

The people that leave me a comment answering that question as honestly as they can will receive a free pass to the course when it’s ready. Thanks!

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