New Book! 101 Tiny House Designs

I just finished a new tiny house book. The book is titled, 101 Tiny House Designs – The Ultimate Collection of Tiny House Design. It’s over 400 pages and is available immediately as an ebook. Within a week or two it will be available in print on

For a short time the ebook version will be available right for an introductory price of just $10.00.


Want to see what’s inside the book? Here’s a video where I show you exactly what you get.

Introductory eBook price ends soon – As soon the print version becomes available on Amazon (could be days away) the ebook’s introductory sale price will end. The normal retail price for the eBook will be $14.95.


101 Tiny House Designs is a book of ideas and illustrations for tiny house dreamers. Designing tiny houses is a balancing act, especially for the smallest homes. Each house is the result of a series of choices and compromises.

Inside you’ll find 101 design concepts from 12 to 32 feet long. You’ll see a variety of styles, layouts, themes, and common patterns.

If you’re designing your own home you can use the ideas here as building blocks to compose your ideal tiny house.

The Author, Michael Janzen, has been designing tiny houses since 2007. You can see more tiny house design at

See Inside

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