Retiring Tiny House Designs

I started designing and writing about tiny houses in 2008. Jay Shafer was my early inspiration and thanks to my wife, I actually caught his appearance live on Oprah. Ever since that day I’ve been obsessed with tiny house design. But today I really feel like I’m at the end of a creative cycle and ready for something new – or at least a fresh approach. So at the end of 2018 I’m retiring all my old designs and beginning anew.

Don’t worry, if you’ve purchased my tiny plans in the past and need a download link reactivated in the future, I will be able to do that for you, no problem.

One Last Hurrah

Just in case you wanted the full set before they’re gone I’m making them available one last time as a single bundle. Until December 31st you can get the full set of 18 Tiny House Designs for just $49. Normally these are sold individually for $29, so if I’ve done my math right that’s about a 90% discount.

Buy Now – $49

What’s Included in these Tiny House Plans

All 18 plans include:

  • A printable PDF that shows how the house is assembled in a step-by-step format. So unlike most house plans which are technical and created for professional builders to read, my plans read more like instructions.
  • A spreadsheet with the framing members listed by wall, so you can get started on shopping for materials.
  • The original SketchUp file for those that want to edit the design.

The video below shows one of the plans in detail.

What to Expect in 2019

I’m still obsessed with tiny house design, but want to take this in multiple directions. In 2019 I plan to draw fresh designs that will be available in print and as electronic downloads. I’ll continue make the original SketchUp drawings available through my website for those that want to edit the design themselves.

I’ve just begun so can only give you a high level description of my future plans.

  • For the tiny houses on wheels, each design will be a specific style, but the plans will include options for changing the length, end walls, and layout right in the plans. A variety of floor plans will also be shown so you’ll be able to pick and choose the specifics you want to put into your home.
  • I’ll also be drawing more cabin (tiny house on a foundation) plans – especially the sub-500 square foot size.
  • All the designs I draw moving forward will also be offered as a metal framing kit – for those that want to cut costs on labor speed the assemble the home’s frame.
  • I’m also going to be drawing more earthen tiny home designs. One of my earliest interests in architecture was earthen homes – mainly adobe. So expect to see more adobe tiny home plans in 2018.

I’m sharing all of this now because I think it helps explain what I mean by the beginning of a new creative cycle. So look forward to some new things from me in 2019.

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