Drinking Rainwater

John Wells lives in a tiny house in the desert… at The Field Lab. In this friday video he shows us how simple it is to filter rainwater. Sure… you could buy a Berkey and do the same thing… but as usual, John shows us the simpler, cheaper, and better way. Learn more about The […]

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Kill Your Mortgage – Go Tiny!

Bryce visits Kathleen, the owner of this tiny house in British Columbia on 380 acres. Collaborating with her brother they bought lake-front land and she sold her big city house and built a tiny house for the 380-acre parcel. The property also has geodesic domes that are setup as greenhouses for growing food year round. […]

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Whimsical Storybook Cottage

Yes… this is real. Bryce from Living Big in a Tiny House interviews the homeowner and gets a tour of this amazing 500 square foot house. It’s located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and built from locally sourced natural materials. On the inside it has all the expected comforts of a contemporary home. Read […]

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