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Discovery Trekking Towels

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Here is a product review for my fellow Tiny Housers!

How have I not heard of these till now! People are always asking about the best space saving solutions for living Tiny. Having less stuff is the best way but there are things you need and use daily. A towel would be one of them. While Christopher and myself were living tiny, we had the very large bulky towels that everyone uses in a home and there’s nothing wrong with that. I recently had the opportunity to use the sleek, fast drying, very portable and compact towel that Discovery Trekking has to offer! I’m absolutely amazed on how fast this towel dries, the fact that it takes up nearly no room for storage and is the perfect tiny house solution to bulky towels that take all day to dry. I recently traveled with my new Discovery Trekking Towel and it was the travel solution I have been looking! Takes up no space, and I love having a towel handy, especially with a baby around.

I never kept more than two towels on hand, simply because I never had the room to store them in my bathroom. By replacing my one bulky towel, I can make room my other important items!!!! Now it won’t be awkward when we have friends and family visit, when I can only offer the use of my personal towel. I would highly recommend this style of towel to any tiny house dweller! The simple fact that the towel is completely dry in less than 20 minutes, just hanging up on a hook is amazing! I’m sure if I was to bring it outside in the sun it would take only moments for it to become completely dry.

I have our regular towels displayed with the Discovery Trekking Towel to give you an idea on how sleek this towel actually is. It’s the size of a regular towel and folds to the size of a cell phone, it’s pretty amazing!

The towels also come in a variety of different colors and textures to choose from. I went with the Charcoal color for ours, I’m a darker color lover, and it looks great with the contrast of our white bathroom.

If you are interested in checking out this great towel, I would highly recommend you head over to their website for more info. Discovery Trekking Towels


This is by far the best Tiny House Towel I have used so far!


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